School Director Recognition Month

School Director Recognition Month

In honor of school board member’s commitment to our students, schools, and communities, January is once again designated as School Director Recognition Month.

The Hempfield Area School District educates 5,492 students. The nine members of our school board are a key part of the district’s administrative team, making informed decisions that shape our schools and provide a pathway to success for every student.

School directors, who are unpaid, devote numerous hours each month to the challenging and complex responsibilities of board business which includes the adoption of policies, budgeting, evaluating school security issues, and serving on committees..

Our school directors will be recognized on Monday, January 20, 2020, at 7:00 PM during the public meeting in the boardroom of the Administration Building located at 4347 State Route 136, Greensburg,

Thank you to the following members of the Hempfield Area Board of School Directors: 

Tony Bompiani, President

Scott Learn, Vice-President

Mike Alfery

Sonya Brajdic

Jennifer Bretz

Diane Ciabattoni

Vince DeAugustine

Jeanne Smith

Paul Ward