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James Coccioletti Sportmanship Award

The James Coccioletti Sportsmanship Award is given in honor of Jimmy Coccioletti, a former Harrold student whose untimely death in 1973 resulted in the creation of this award.  It is given to honor the individual on each team or squad that best exemplifies a good attitude, genuine caring for his/her teammates, and strong leadership qualities.  Jimmy Coccioletti possessed all of these characteristics and more when he was a student-athlete at Harrold.  The winners are chosen by a vote of team or squad members.
This year's recipients are Jayme Flock (cheerleading), Owen Kelley (boys soccer), Grace
McMillen (girls volleyball), Tyler Miller (boys cross country), Ava Ofchinick (girls track & field),
Morgan Rosensteel (girls volleyball), Gavin Vucina (boys volleyball), and Max White (boys basketball).
Coccioletti Award 2018-2019
Recipients for the 2016-2017 school year were Skyler Beatty (cheerleading), Noah Ser (football), Charlie Cieslo  and Siera Koroly (girls' basketball), Shane Evans (boys' basketball), Mallory Brean (girls' volleyball), Layla Robertson (girls' track and field), and Danny DeAugustine (boys' track and field).
Recipients for the 2016-2017 school year were Liberty Nelson (cheerleading), Wyatt Waszo (football), Sidney Julian  and Megan Marcoz (girls' basketball), Matt Morelli (boys' basketball), Mckenzi Selchan (girls' volleyball), Tessa Burk (girls' track and field), and Daniel Norris (boys' track and field).
Recipients for the 2015-2016 school year were Gianna Trapletti (cheerleading), Ryan Cross (football), Ana Ackerman (girls' basketball), Mikey Gaffney (boys' basketball), Hannah Vucina (girls' volleyball), Kathleen DeCaro (girls' track and field), and Eric Hess (boys' track and field).
Recipients for the 2014-2015 school year were Jenna Urban (cheerleading), Dante Lampkin (football), Sarah Ewing (girls' basketball), Jaylen B. Collins (boys' basketball), Mandi Reese (girls' volleyball), Jenna Uncapher (girls' track and field), and Leo Radziwon (boys' track and field).
Recipients for the 2013-2104 school year were Brooke Nelson (cheerleading), Kenny Barron (football), Dani Kendra (girls' basketball), Justin Sliwoski (boys' basketball), Gabby Kuhns (girls' volleyball), Emily Rose (girls' track and field), and Brock Barnhart (boys' track and field).
Recipients for the 2012-2013 school year were Mia Bengel (cheerleading), Clark Pederson (football), Rachel Mascio (girls' basketball), Parker Lucas (boys' basketball), Kennedy Lent (girls' volleyball), Samantha Orie (girls' track and field), and Jordan Yusko (boys' track and field).
Recipients for the 2011-2012 school year were Jackie Gillis (cheerleading), Danny Arndt (football), Breanna Mesich (girls' basketball), Joel Trentin (boys' basketball), Abby Stoner (girls' volleyball), Molly Sternick (girls' track and field), and Nick Cerilli (boys' track and field).
Recipients for the 2010-2011 school year were Morgan Fait (cheerleading), Jesse Madden (football), Katie Maser (girls' basketball), Austin Greene (boys' basketball), Marley Lucas (girls' volleyball), Madeline Holmberg (girls' track and field), and Scott Fox (boys' track and field).
Recipients for the 2009-2010 school year were Kirsten Payne (cheerleading), Joshua Suszek (football), Sarah Grmek (girls' basketball), Tyler Fink (boys' basketball), Devin Linsenbigler (girls' volleyball), Bridget Guy (girls' track and field), and Max Adams (boys' track and field).