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C. Scott Brisbane Memorial Award

The C. Scott Brisbane Memorial Award is presented to both 8th grade girls and boys.  To be eligible for the award, student-athletes must have lettered in three competitive team sports.  The candidates must also meet satisfactory academic standards.  Mr. Brisbane was a teacher/assistant principal for forty-four years, spending the majority of his career at Harrold teaching math, as the assistant principal, and coaching football, basketball, baseball, softball, and track.  He motivated many student-athletes to perform at their highest level in the classroom and athletic arena.  His genuine caring for all of the students at Harrold was unparalleled.  To honor the memory of a truly outstanding educator, the faculty of Harrold created this memorial award so that Mr. Brisbane's achievements would be remembered by future generations and to recognize some deserving young people on a yearly basis. 


This year's recipients are Gabby Coccia (Basketball, Volleyball, & Track), Izabell Orczeck (Volleyball, Cheerleading, & Track), Tessa Trageser (Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, & Track), Jack Kopas (Football, Basketball, & Baseball), Donovan McMullen (Football, Basketball, & Volleyball), Henry Mutschler (Football, Basketball, & Track), and Jonathan Stetchock (Cross Country, Swimming, & Track).


2122 Brisband Award


The 2020-2021 recipients are Laural Davis (Basketball, Volleyball, & Track) and Kennedy Nelson (Basketball, Volleyball, & Track).

Student Winners of C. Scott Brisbane Memorial Award
The 2019-2020 recipients are Tessa Miller (lettering in Cross Country & Volleyball and participating in Track & Field) and Lukas Mayo (lettering in Cross Country & Swimming and participating in Track & Field).
C Scott Brisbane Award 2 recipients

The 2018-2019 recipients are Bekah Ostrosky (swimming, volleyball, & track), Nathaniel Harden (swimming, wrestling, & track), and Jackson Rigby (soccer, wrestling, & volleyball).  


Brisbane Award 2018-2019

The 2017-2018 recipient is Bella Vanek (Cross Country, Volleyball, and Track).

The recipient for the 2016-2017 school year was Kendra Winkleblech (Cross Country, Swimming, and Track).
Recipients for the 2015-2016 school year were Caroline Czarnecki (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Track), Tara Jablonsky (Cross Country, Basketball, Volleyball, and Track), Ryan Cross (Football, Basketball, and Track), Jamel Glanton (Football, Basketball, and Track), Evan Graham (Football, Basketball, and Track), Mitchell Miletics (Football, Basketball, and Baseball), Randy Nelson (Football, Basketball, and Volleyball), Blake Remaley (Football, Basketball, and Track), and Nick Ross (Football, Basketball, and Baseball).
Recipients for the 2014-2015 school year were Mackenna Orie (soccer, basketball, volleyball, track), Mandi Reese (cross country, volleyball, track), Jacob Biros (football, basketball, track), David Greene (football, basketball, track), Gavin Mayo (cross country, swimming, track), Leo Radziwon (football, basketball, track), Brennan Steeley (football, wrestling, track), and Luke Sternick (soccer, swimming, track).
The recipients for the 2013-2014 school year were Kayla Barrientos-Collins (basketball, volleyball, and track), Mac Whatule (basketball, volleyball, and track), Isaiah DiAndreth (football, basketball, and track), Nick DiAndreth (football, basketball, and track), and Derrick McFadden (football, basketball, and track).
Recipients for the 2012-2013 school year were Sydney Benedict (cross country, basketball, and track), Jordan Bernard (cross country and volleyball), Gabby Holmberg (volleyball and track), Samantha Orie (soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track), Janine Petersen (swimming, volleyball, and track), Christie Redinger (volleyball and track), Faith Rock (volleyball and track), Olivia Vanek (volleyball and track), Devyne Zimmer (soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track), and Bussy Remaley (football, basketball, and track).
Recipients for the 2011-2012 school year were Sutton Anderson (soccer and volleyball), Rachel Bates (basketball and volleyball), Taylor Blevins (basketball and track), Marissa LaVella (basketball and track), Maura Loughran (volleyball and track), Marcia Mash (basketball and volleyball), Tori Mayo (cross country, swimming, and track), Breanna Mesich (basketball and volleyball), Rachel Reese (cross country and volleyball), Jordan Sterling (cross country and track), Molly Sternick (swimming and track), Abby Stoner (cross country and volleyball), Danny Arndt (football, basketball, and track), and Tony Mariana (cross country, basketball, and track).
Recipients for the 2010-2011 school year were Morgan DeFloria (basketball and volleyball), Nicole Delligatti (basketball and volleyball), Christie Diorio (cross country and volleyball), Maille Gallagher (cross country and volleyball), Mara Gamble (cross country and volleyball), Kelsie Hendrick (basketball and volleyball), Madeline Holmberg (volleyball and track), Emma Oldham (basketball and volleyball), Lauren Roberts (cross country and volleyball), Meaghen Stewart (cross country and track), Savannah Stone (soccer and volleyball), and Brendon Bengel (football, basketball, and track).
Recipients for the 2009-2010 school year were Emily Bressler (swimming, volleyball, and track), Sarah Grmek (basketball and volleyball), Kelly O'Neill (basketball and track), Alexandra Panagis (soccer and track), Lauren Stone (soccer and volleyball), Max Adams (football, basketball, and track), and Jimmy Vaccare (football, basketball, and track).